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Originating in 1971, in southern California, Inca Gold was initially developed specifically for use in retention and recirculating toilets on buses, aircraft, boats, and trains in the transportation industry. Fast forward over 45 years later...and these customers have remained Inca Gold's primary clientele...but with the recent development of a new green apple scented liquid concentrate formulation, the dominant odor control of Inca Gold is now available to everyone. 



Aside from the newly reconfigured Green Apple scent, Inca Gold is also available to commercial customers in a Pine variety, as well as a light and crisp scent that we refer to as, "Airy". While it's a matter of personal preference as to which one of these works better, we're obviously very excited about the subtle strength of our new Green Apple. Its pleasant aroma is something that's unique to us, and we know that once you try it, you'll never go back to using any other toilet deodorant.

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Our Green Apple scented product, which can be found in stores, might only be available in our ultra concentrated liquid formulation, but did you know that Inca Gold is also available in a powder formulation for commercial transportation customers?

We offer this alternative because transportation companies tend to buy product in bulk. With today's shipping costs reaching all-time highs, we considered it crucial to be able to offer our same, reliable, high-strength product in a way that was going to provide the most value possible to our commercial customers. Inca Gold powder packs and powder pails allow us to do exactly that.

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At Inca Gold, we take environmental responsibility seriously, and with a product like ours, the biggest factor in maintaining environmentally sustainable excellence is ensuring that our formulations make as small of a footprint on the world around us as possible. 

This is why you can always count on Inca Gold being made completely formaldehyde-free, and forever being 100% biodegradable. We are committed to holding, not just our current products to these standards, but our future products, as well.

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